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10005 W. Forest Home Avenue

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Potter's Forest is our primary site and home to our high ropes course. The course is located on 50.55 acres of land south of Milwaukee, in Hales Corners Wisconsin, and has been designated as a school without walls by the Milwaukee School Board -- as it serves thousands of students and staff members each year. The course is run by volunteer staff members who are released from their usual duties by principals and program supervisors to serve as facilitators for each outing. Facilitators are expected to work three days each semester, but many serve more often. Currently, this program is supported through budget buy backs, grants and some creativity. The course provides a unique opportunity for our children and staff to get out of the classroom and work on group and individual goals in pastoral outdoor setting.

While only a few miles from our city center, it seems miles away from the dense urban setting our children live in each day. The links below will provide a view of our course and the wooded area it is set in. The high elements are setup and taken down for each use to prevent unauthorized use. Safety is a primary concern for this program and we rigidly follow procedures designed to insure the safety of all participants.

General Program Information ( PDF)


If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information about our program, please contact 414/475-8438 or click here.

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