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Community Learning Centers (CLCs) are safe, fun places to go before and after school, evenings, weekends, and during the summer. CLCs offer educational, recreational, and social activities for youth and adults. CLC programs increase student achievement and learning, provide alternatives from being home alone, and offer safe havens from unwanted influences.


2015-2016 CLC Sites

Site List & Contact Info

(Updated 9-4-15)
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- Locations -

See below for an interactive map of our Community Learning Centers. Click on a marker for details, including CLC name, address, and phone number. Type your address, zip code, or a CLC name in the search field to find the location nearest you.

View 2015 Summer MPS Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in a full screen map


Milwaukee Public Schools' 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CLCs) help strengthen families, reduce crime and improve neighborhoods. Open after school, evenings, weekends and during the summer, the CLCs are committed to learning, enrichment and support activities that help lessen exposure to negative influences. Ultimately, a CLC builds a strong neighborhood and makes our community a better place to live.


Our vision is to unite MPS schools with community organizations, businesses, government agencies, families and neighborhood residents to encourage academic achievement and strengthen neighborhoods. CLCs provide a support system that focuses on positive youth, family and neighborhood development. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers are staffed by caring adults from youth-serving agencies, schools and the community. Their commitment is to provide a healthy balance of learning and fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Young people will have additional hours to learn, which helps increase academic achievement, attendance and graduation rates. Both young people and adults will have more opportunities to develop skills to help them achieve personal success.


CLCs are open to youth and their families.


Some of the activities include:

Academic Achievement
• Homework help
• Computer-assisted learning
• Tutoring in reading, math, science
• Middle school promotion requirements
• High school graduation requirements

Social Development
• Building and appreciating friendships
• Making positive choices
• Resisting negative peer pressure
• Practicing non-violent conflict resolution


Family Support
• Adult and family education opportunities
• Literacy education
• Job training for economic self-sufficiency

Health and Nutrition
• Nutritional snacks and meals
• Information about hygiene, disease control,
and healthy lifestyles
• Access to community health services

• Fun sports
• Games
• Clubs
• Arts & Cultural Activities


or SEND AN E-MAIL TO: CLC@MilwaukeeRecreation.net


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