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The MPS Partnership for the Arts and Humanities is an allocation of $1.5 million dollars approved annually by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors to support afterschool and summer arts and humanities-related opportunities for children, youth and families.  Funds are released after a rigorous application review process, to community based organizations planning to partner with schools and/or youth serving agencies.  A dollar-for-dollar match requirement encourages new partnerships between community based organizations, schools, youth serving agencies and the funding community, and promotes the use of additional funds for programming during the school day.



  • Increase access to arts and/or humanities-related experiences for all City of Milwaukee children, youth, and families.
  • Strengthen existing and establish new community partnerships that motivate students to higher levels of achievement through creative academic/cognitive, social emotional and physical/skill based learning.
  • Expand resources and support for arts and humanities education and build the collective capacity of community based partners to effectively serve children, youth and families.



  • Applicants must be a community based organization (501c3 status not required).
  • Applicant must identify and obtain signatures of partner (school and/or youth serving agency) officials.
  • Applicant must show evidence (signature of official representative) of matching resources (equal or greater to the amount of the request) from outside the MPS budget to support the same or similar arts and/or humanities-related activities. (See additional match criteria on the guidelines.)
  • Request from the Partnership must total between $3,000 (minimum) and $100,000 (maximum) and a detailed budget showing how the request will be used is required.
  • Partnership for the Arts and Humanities funds must be used to serve City of Milwaukee children, youth and families.  Therefore, use of the funds is restricted to out of school activities (i.e., before and after-school programs, evening activities, weekend and summer programs, school days off, etc.).  Matching resources can be (and are encouraged to be) used to fund the same or similar arts and/or humanities-related activities during the regular school day.
  • Priority is given to projects and programs that focus on serving children, youth and families that may not otherwise have access to arts and humanities programming.


A new 2016-17 Partnership for the Arts and Humanities application is now available.

Please review a copy of this year’s modified application and guidelines.

Your organization may have already received an e-mail invitation to begin working on the 2016-17 application. If you have not, e-mail Kari with the subject line Partnership Application Request and include the following information for the individual who will be responsible for completing your application:
· organization name
· contact name
· e-mail address

Within 2 business days, your organization will receive an e-mail invitation to begin your application; follow the instructions to proceed.

Please also feel free to attend an informational session on Wednesday, June 22 at 9:15 at MPS Central Services, 5225 W. Vliet Street, Room 210-211.

Kari Hanson

(Former applicants and partners please note: the online application and reporting system is temporarily not accessible.)


Partnership Logic Model
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Guidelines for Common Outcome Monitoring

Sample Passive Parent Permission (English and Spanish)

Common Outcome Monitoring Data Tracking Spreadsheets

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Milwaukee Arts Education Directory

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For more information or to be added to the mailing list, please contact:
Kari Hanson, Community Arts Specialist
(414) 475-8181

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