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Milwaukee Recreation has been providing Softball Leagues for the city for over 80 years. The excitement and enthusiasm has been great over the years and softball is a staple part of the Adult Sports Programming. Yearly, over 600 teams sign up for Milwaukee Recreation's Summer and Fall softball programs. Summer softball leagues run from April to August and the Fall softball leagues begin in early September and run through October. Softball is an excellent opportunity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to get together and compete in a sport that offers socialization, competition, and team work.

Our leagues run at various times during the morning and evening at many locations in the city including:

Pumping Station
S. 78th St

Weather Cancellation Policy

Field House Addresses & Phone Numbers ( PDF)

Milwaukee Recreation is taking a strong stance in making our Softball Leagues safe and keeping the integrity of the game. Any player deemed by an umpire as using a banned or altered bat will be called out and ejected from the game. It is vital that all managers are aware of this rule and help the Department in keeping the game safe. Any player ejected from a game will need to make an appointment and meet with the Department Administrator to be reinstated for play. Failure to comply with the aforementioned will prohibit play until the requirement is met. We would like to thank all players and managers in advance for the attention to safety. If there are any questions please call our office at (414) 475-8410.

If interested in participating in our leagues see the entry contracts below, or if you need any additional information, please feel free to e-mail us or call 475-8410.


Site Cancellations

Please visit the "Standings and Schedules" link in the upper right hand corner for cancellation updates.


2015 Spring/Summer Softball Information

Men's Entry Contract

Coed/Women's Entry Contract

Affiliated Entry Contract



2015 Bat Testing Information (COMING SOON!!!)

**All bats are subject to retesting during the season**

Bat Testing Schedule -

April & May Bat Testing Calendar


ASA Certified Bat Information


2015 General League Information (COMING SOON!!!)

Managers Meeting Power Point

Rule Adaptations

Policy and Procedure Manual

Game Ball Chart



Banned Bats for 2014

Milwaukee Recreation will be using the banned bat list developed by ASA
for the 2013 season. Please visit www.asasoftball.com to view the ASA approved bat list.



Softball Schedules can be found on the Adult Sports Standings & Schedules page

For more information please e-mail Adult Sports or call 475-8410.


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